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Metal Roofing & Siding Panels

We offer a number of panels in countless design options to give you the flexibility you need to dream up your next project. Discover which metal panel is right for you.

Metal Roofing: Exposed Fastener Panels

7/8" Corrugated Metal Panel - Gun Metal Gray

7/8″ Corrugated

Corrugated is an old school roofing panel that still has a modern and stylish look. The deep and wavy “S” shaped corrugations provide a bold aesthetic and shadow like effect.

PBR/R-Panel Metal Panel - Gun Metal Gray

PBR Panel

If you want the best overall value then PBR panels are right for you. They’re strong, durable, and have a modern appearance. All of the benefits of metal roofing and siding, but without the price tag.

Western Rib Metal Panel - Gun Metal Gray

Western Rib® (7.2 Panel)

This is our strongest panel. It’s an excellent choice if you have panels that have to span from support to support. It’s capable of spanning greater distances and carrying a heavier load. It’s perfect for jobs that have metal purlins.

Standing Seam: Concealed Fastener Panels

Western Lock® Standing Seam Metal Roof Panel - 1.75" High Seam

Western Lock® Standing Seam – 1.75″ Seam Height

This type of standing seam panel is the best all-around solution when you consider the performance of the panel, cost, and ease of installation.

MS2 Mechanical Standing Seam Metal Panel - Gun Metal Gray

MS2® Mechanical Seam
2″ Seam Height

This is the most weather-tight style of standing seam metal roofing. It’s ideal for very low sloped roofs with a pitch as low as 1″:12″. It’s a difficult panel to install and is rarely installed by DIY roofers.

Western Seam Nail Strip Standing Seam Metal Panel - Gun Metal Gray

Western Seam® Nail Strip
1″ or 1.5″ Seam Height

Nail strip roofing panels are a snap lock system that uses screws and does not have clips. The male flange has one inch slots that are spaced 6 inches apart and fastened directly to the roof deck.

Metal Siding: Concealed Fastener Panels

T-Groove Metal Siding Panel - Gun Metal Gray

T-Groove® Flush Wall
1″ Deep

Flush Panels for use in wall, fascia and soffit applications. Rounded interlocking leg and concealed fasteners improve appearance, weather-tightness, and strength.

Western Reveal 2 inch (2.0) - Metal Roofing Panel

Western Reveal®
1.5″ Deep

It’s a versatile concealed fastener panel that’s designed so that you can choose the gap between each sheet. Mix and match different reveals, face sizes, and widths.

Western Wave Metal Panel - Gun Metal Gray

Western Wave®
7/8″ Wave Panel

This remarkable rigid wall panel with concealed fasteners offers a distinctive look with bold shadow effects that emphasize the panels unique rib profile.

Additional Products: Trim & Flashing, Metal Deck, Roof Fasteners & More

AEP Span Metal Roofing Products

AEP Span Products

Western Metal Deck is a proud distributor of AEP Span products including architectural metal wall and roof panels for new construction and re-roofing applications.

Metal Decking California

Metal Decking

Roof deck and floor deck in stock. Huge selection of gauges, lengths, and metal decking profiles. Immediate availability. Buy Now.

Buy Steel Flat Sheets Coil Metal Roofing California

Flat Sheets & Coil

Coil and Flat sheets can be processed to any width or length. Shop our huge selection of different gauges and widths.

Metal roofing & siding panels can be made to your specific panel size, thickness, & color.

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